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Kandooma Reefscaping Project

 Coral Reefs

Coral reefs, one the Earths most diverse and colourful ecosystem can be found here, around the warm, clear tropical waters of the Maldives.  They play an important role within local communities, supporting their fishing and tourism industries and providing us with amazing images of the life in our seas.

 Corals are complex organisms made of polyps over an underlying white calcium carbonate skeleton.  They have a special ecological relationship with a type of algae called zooxanthellae.  It is zooxanthellae in fact which give corals their wonderful array of colours!

By using light energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugars, a process called photosynthesis, they provide corals with the nutrients they require to be able to grow and produce reef systems.  In turn, the corals provide shelter and access to light for the zooxanthellae.  Altogether a very happy relationship indeed!

 The ideal temperature for corals to exist is between 24- 29oC with the corals here in the Maldives living in the upper limits of their temperature tolerance.  If temperatures increase the zooxanthellae become stressed and are expelled from the corals which then exposes the skeleton underneath.  This is known as “coral bleaching.”

 The El Niño event of 1998 abruptly increased sea temperature around the Maldives by up to 5oC.  Many reefs became bleached and died due to this event.  Although some natural recovery of reefs has occurred, over 40% of the Maldivian reefs are still affected.  This has led to the introduction of coral cultivation projects.  By restoring reefs and helping to nurse them back to health, many areas are now once again flourishing ecosystems of the colour and beauty that are coral reefs.

 Kandooma Reefscaping Project

Here at Kandooma we are working alongside Reefscapers to construct two areas totaling 25m2 of artificial reefs around the island of Kandooma situated by the water villas and the diving centre.

                                             Tying on the Transplanted Coral to the Trays



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